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Rerun 1901

Written by Bear.

2021-08-02 17:40:07

Venue: Massive Attack’s Casa

Hares: Massive Attack + Spiderman

Weather: Hot and Sticky

Pack: Energic

RA: Felt he was something good

MC: Honest and fair

Guests: Some Polish Hashers from Bergen, now living in Horsens

Bad Girl: Brought the whole family

Ball Breaker: Always in front

Bear: Lovely

Bloody Rainman: I wanna go home

But Lips: Too many mosquitoes

Chiquita: I have a lot of leftovers

Harbo: Where am I

Hitman: I can still follow Bear up-hill

Just Lasse: Mummy…….?

Just Silas: Mummy….!!!!

Kermit: Run was too dry!

Late Commer: I have been here before…….

Massive Attack: No, you haven’t

Smoking Sylvester: Have I been to a run before?

Spiderman: Why can’t I just shut up?

Streaky: I love running in front!

Viking Puker: I love fishhooks!

The pack: Loved BBQ

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