About Århus Hash House Harriers

First of all... To all of you hash, marihuana, grass addicts and smoking dudes, who by now believe to have found heaven on earth, just keep on searching. This site is NOT about the drug named hash.

Århus Hash House Harriers is a social running club. We are NOT involved with illegal drugs, but we do like to drink a beer.

If you want to know more about the concept of hashing, try this link

Århus Hash House Harriers was founded in May 1989 by Jesper "Sucker" Andersen.

Pronouncing Århus might be difficult for some, but keep the old Madness hit "Our House" in mind, and you are very close.

At present we are approximately 40 paying members. Average pack lies between 10 and 20, strongly depending upon the weather.

When do we run?

During the winter period we run every Saturday at 14:00(2.00 pm), and during the summer period every Tuesday at 19:00(7.00 pm).

How about costs?

Membership fee amounts to 150 DKR(approx. 21$), twice a year. Payment for run amounts to 25 DKKR per participant. The first time you run with us, it is FREE!


Members get a free t-shirt when paying first fee. After 50 runs members are awarded a pewter mug, after 200 a small pewter "shots" cup, after 300 a pewter hip flask, and after 400 a cap embroidered with name and ÅH3 logo.

We celebrate various events throughout the year, like:

  • Christmas Party
  • New Year - hangover run
  • Shrovetide
  • Whitsun
  • Daugbjerg Weekend
  • Flensburg Oktoberfest
  • Various Jubilees

Furthermore, during the ceremony we down-down from the bottle and not from a mug, which is quite different for those used to a mug.

If you want more information, please contact a committee member.