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Rerun #2066

Written by Yogi.

2024-06-20 18:03:44

Aarhus Hash House Harriers Run #2066

Date: June 19, 2024

Hares: Long Distance Licker & Muddy Balls

Location: Marselisborg Forest


The pack gathered at the usual meeting point in Marselisborg Forest on a pleasant summer evening. Spirits were high as the group anticipated another exciting run through the picturesque forest trails. The hares, Long Distance Licker and Muddy Balls, assured everyone that the trail would be well-marked and full of surprises.

The Run

The run began with the hares setting off first, giving the pack a 10-minute head start. As the pack followed the trail of flour markings, they encountered a mix of terrain: forest paths, hilly climbs, and even a stretch along the beach.

The trail led the pack through dense woodland areas, where the marks became trickier to spot, causing a few back checks. The highlight of the trail was a scenic viewpoint overlooking Aarhus Bay, where the pack paused briefly to catch their breath and enjoy the view.

A false trail near the halfway point caused some confusion, but the pack quickly regrouped and found the correct path. The hares had also cleverly placed several "checks" to keep the FRBs (Front Running Bastards) guessing and give the slower runners a chance to catch up.

The Circle

After about an hour of running and a few shortcut attempts by the notorious shortcutters, the pack arrived back at the starting point. The hares were already there, grinning mischievously.

The Circle was called to order by the RA (Religious Advisor).

Down-downs were awarded to:

Hares (Long Distance Licker & Muddy Balls): For setting an excellent trail.

Virgins: Three new runners were welcomed into the hash with their first down-down.

Sinners: Several hashers were called out for minor infractions, such as shortcutting and false calling.

Birthday Hasher: One member was celebrated for their birthday with a special down-down.

Songs were sung, jokes were told, and everyone enjoyed the camaraderie that defines the Aarhus Hash House Harriers.


The evening concluded with the group heading to a nearby pub for the On-On, where they enjoyed a well-deserved meal and drinks. The conversation was lively, and plans for the next run were eagerly discussed.

On-On to run #2067!

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