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Rerun #1680

Written by Yogi.

2017-09-06 18:08:30

Rerun 1680 Venue: Silkeborgvej 722 Hares: SquarePussy, ShakeyHead

Downloadet af M. Attack's, 5/9 2017 kl 20:12 CET:

"Dead Run" (hash song, on the melody of 'My Bonnie Is Over The Ocean")

(Verse 1) The number 'd all gone from the fishhook The drinkstop was nowhere to see The hares had a poor explanation The truck had all gone from our view, our view

(Chorus) Dead run, dead run It looked like a dead run to me, to me Dead run, dead run It looked like a dead run to me

(Verse 12) The brain had all gone from the Shakey Hare For he was ran all ambitiousLY He ran all into a fishhook And a frontrunning hare was he, was he


(Verse 3) The pee had all gone from the Sweaty Balls For he had a big POT But Sweaty Balls wasn't the only one Leaking was also Shakey, Shakey


(Verse 4) The marks had all gone from the churchyard At least not for Viking Puker to see So he got a downtown for blind man And an unfair one for Spicy, Spicy


(Verse 5) When they got back to the circle The hares knew right away they had sinned And gave the drinks without "stregliste" So that they wouldn't be binned, be binned

(Chorus, fadeout)

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