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Rerun # 1624

Written by Yogi.

2016-10-09 20:52:05

En medhasher har beskyldt universitetsansatte som migselv for at vi ikke arbejder. Jeg modbeviser det her, ved at lave et videnskabeligt abstract på min fri søndagaften (Ball Breaker: det må godt bruges som inspiration).


Research question Are men more likely to suffer from Cockburns than women?

Researchers Yogi and Blond D.

Experimental set-up A sample of N010 hashers has been selected for the experiment. These are (last names have been abbreviated to guarantee anonymity): Apple J., Mother G., 2.8 S., Bloody R., Right H., Hitman., Soaked A., Viking P., Streaky, Harpo H. Note that this sample ('pack') does not include notorious rabble-rousers such as Sweaty balls, Spiderman, Squarehead, and Bear. Therefore, it can be said to be representative of a broader population. The pack has been guided through a long haul to remove remainders of hangovers or any potential running energy. This procedure also dehydrates the subjects, making them more eager to the treatment. The route was conducted through green areas and the university in order to create a pleasant mode among the subjects. The amount of fishhooks has been kept to a token amount and only be applied to one subject (Viking P.)

Analysis and results The data during the treatment were collected through visual inspection. After the collection exercise, the data have been treated using standard statistical procedures (torture the numbers until they are willing to say anything). The results show indeed that men are more likely to suffer from Cockburns than women (P-value < .7).

Conclusions Great experiment. We deserve a statue!

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