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Rerun #1599 (14th of May 2016)

Written by Beer Barbie (ONH3).

2016-05-16 13:12:40

Iâ??m feeling it must be time for a rhyme Now that Ã?rhus has had its run #1599

In Jeksen this Whitsunday-weekend took place But alas! Running from A to B was the case

So to the house of Bear on the bus we went And to run back: more than three hours we spent

Through forests and mud holes and sheep-shit we strolled With fields and hills and rivers to behold

Fishhooks were run by the usual few With Dancing Queen, P.Blab and Doggie Bag too

Plenty of short cutters were seen on the run Since crossing the tree on the river was no fun

Three drink stops were located close to the road Thanks to 2.8 and Calle for driving the load

Stupidity was seen when in the front Ond was found Making his co-hares Bear and Square join his down-down

Hitman was MC and VIP opened beers In the company of hashers who sang and yelled â??cheers!â?

Penalties from the day before were dealt to the less brainish To Righthanging for saying â??Det hedder Red Dress Runâ? in Danish

Streaky survived her 500 runs And DDâ??s were given to the POTâ??ing ones

In the past we have known Butt Lips for mooning But now the legend is of one who is RUNING

Friends from other kennels joined in the fun Thanks for a great weekend â?? skål and On-On!

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