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Rerun #1555 - Daugbjerg

Written by Spiderman.

2016-02-02 23:58:41

Rerun: #1555 Date: 16/08/2015 Venue: Daugbjerg - uptown Hares: Commoncock

International sunday hangover run at Daugbjerg - starting from (turns out it ended pretty close to the starting point) the party area. I - Spiderman - was chosen as rerun writer. It had been as long as 1 day and zero runs since I - Spiderman - last was chosen as rerun writer. And chosen by once again Shakey Pussy aka MC. I´m not sure if I ever called Shakey Pussy names, hit on his wife, kicked his dog or something else - heck maybe I should say him thank you. Of course I shouldn´t!

There may or may not be an image next to this rerun - should their be an image showing what could be a paper plate - this would be the notes handed over to me. Notes that would be the foundation for this rerun - hereby you should consider yourself warned. Of course the notes handed over to me regarding the previous run, was on a garbage bag. Not really sure if the paper plate is an upgrade or downgradeâ?¦ in terms of information it clearly was a downgrade.

In general I don´t mind being chosen as rerun writer - sometimes I make the deadline sometimes I may not make the deadline. Your call!

And being a Hasher one should try not to appear surprised. This I managed with a great amount of difficulty - almost or maybe not at all.

Should you be reading this seeking information regarding the actual route - read no further unless you handle disappointment well.

I´ve heard about rerun writers not remembering so well (I don´t recall this ever happened to me) but this often has a natural explanation in terms of bad memory, alcohol or what have you. This time around I - again - is innocent as a virgin, new snow or something else you probably don't believe anyway. However I need to emphasis that I didn´t participate in run #1555.

I was however dragged into the circle. So the following is what I feel pretty sure about in terms of the handed over notes.

The run is #1555
Their where hares - I´m leaning to just one hare but this is definitely not about grammar
Their is a rerun writer and this can be further elaborated: It is I
Blab is written in the notes but I don´t have a clue who that might be.

Regarding the hare I´m pretty sure Common Cock was the lead hare and their may or may not have been one more hare. Should the later be true I would guess Bend Over was co-hare.

Since the information detachable from the notes is long overdone the following is somehow less solid information.

Soaked Arse brought a small battery powered speaker for the saturday evening party. Thats cool and an accompanying charger would have been even greater.

Shake Pussy - probably - made fireworks as Daugbjerg had never seen before. At least not in August.

The circle lasted for a while so their may be tiny bits not mentioned here although I doubt it.

Feel free to add bitsâ?¦

Just for the records - I came to Daugbjerg with zero consecutive runs, I left Daugbjerg with zero consecutive runs, I participated in one run and I was chosen for rerun writer twice.

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