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Festival Hashing at the Aarhus Festival Week

Written by Charlie Brown.

2013-07-10 13:59:33

Finally Aarhus VIP H3 have succeeded to get the Aarhus Festival Week back on the world hashing map. In 2014 hashers will again be allowed at the beer and cultural week.

As an extra, this weekend we also have to celebrate Higgins 50 year birthday. This old Belgian said after registering:
- â??Thanks guys, I will be 50 this weekend, and now I donâ??t have to do anything. I can lean back and let you guys do my party. Thats why i registered at #1."

Unfortunally we only have space for maximum 70 hashers. We doubt we can increase this number. So better register soon.

To see more, go to: http://viph3.webs.com

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Charlie Brown

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