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Eurohash 2021, Praque

Tjekkiet, Prag.: 2021-08-19 - 2021-08-21

Link: https://eurohashprague.com

What's the plan?

The event will take place from Thurday 19th to Sunday 22nd August, 2021.

We will have a Red Dress Run and party on Thursday, Bike Hash and party on Friday, multiple trails and party on Saturday, and finish all the beer party on Sunday.

Do you get the impression we like to party? Well, with the best beer in the world, and beer as cheap as it is here, it would be silly to do anything else!
What's the price?

Price will be 250 Euros per person if you pay before December 31st 2019, rising to 280 Euros until April 30th 2020, and 300 Euros per person thereafter. This will include;

Accommodation in a private two bed room from Thursday to Sunday (an extended stay will be possible too for a slight extra cost)

ALL beer, wine and soft drinks

Dinner Thursday, breakfast and dinner Friday, breakfast, lunch, and dinner Saturday, and breakfast Sunday

Transport to trails, and any 'refreshments' that may be found on said trails

Haberdashery, of course. Yes, probably another fucking t-shirt. But also a goody bag filled with all manner of fantastic (and maybe not so fantastic) things...

Entertainment in the party tent - Live music from far and wide, plus the usual Hash shenanigans!.

If you log in you will be able to see which Århus Hashers are interested in, or have already registered for this event.


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