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Oslo H3 - 30 years anniversary & skihash

Sjusjøen, Lillehammer: 2019-03-22 - 2019-03-24

Link: https://oh3.no/new/home

· 2 Hash cross-country ski trails in easy terrain
· Alternative for non skiers: Tour to the Olympic city of Lillehammer
· Optional moonlight trail (Friday)
· 2 nights accommodation and full board in modern mountain cabins, beautiful setting
· Nearby ski/snow shoe hire and time to practise if you are a virgin skier
· Parties both nights with live music by the Hash band “Wrong Direction”
· Transport from and to Oslo included. Airport pick-up possible
· Skiing is optional, partying is compulsory!
Cost: NOK 2750 All inclusive. Register before December 1st 2018

For international visitors: We will leave Oslo by bus 15:00 on Friday 22th March. Depending on Traffic, we should be in Gardermoen around 16:00. Please allow time to be ready for pick-up at that time. They are very strict in Oslo Airport with buses that pick up people and we have not very much time for people to get inside the bus. Return from Sjusjøen is 13:00 on Sunday 24th March. We should be in Gardermoen before 15:00. We are many people on the event so please allow some extra time and book flight around 17:00.

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