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Rerun 1565

Written by Yogi.

2015-10-13 19:01:10

Rerun #1565

Date: October 10, 2015 Venue: Nørre Alle 63 l. 101 Hares: Mr. Balls, Ms. Lips.

Because we had foreign visitors (Mm. Sin and Mr. S. Bob), this rerun is in English (in case you havenâ??t noticed).

Usually, the rerun is an account of the things happening during a run. This suggests that the rerun writer know what has happened. I donâ??t know. Iâ??m still confused. There are some fundamental questions that I cannot answer. Maybe you can:

  • How can the frequenters of Cirkuskroen (DS #1) breathe? Have they developed special breathing organs that can extract the few oxygen molecules out of the smoke?
  • If one takes the notebook from the MC because he left it at the bar, is this person trying to save the MCâ??s arse (no pun intended)? Is this person then responsible for the chaos during the rest of the run, where hashers misbehave because they know the MC can't write them down and confront them with their sins?
  • Why did the songmaster choose the Dead W**** song, just ten minutes after we walked across a churchyard? More importantly, do we want to know the answer?
  • How did Blond D manage to come in at position number 9 and 7 at fishhooks with 8 and 6, respectively? Is she mutating into CSB?
  • How disappointed are Mr. Jack and Mrs. Goose about the run, which was nowhere near their usual standard of 42 km and 15 drink stops?
  • Why does Ms Boomerang celebrate her birthday on a hashrun? Doesnâ??t she know that we are well equipped with eggs, chocolate, flour, whipped cream, and beer, but not with mercy and restraint?

And the last question:

  • When you die, can you take your dog with you into heaven? A local minstrel was about to give us the answer when the song was brutally interrupted by an apparently unsatisfied hasher

Ok, one more has just been forced on me:

  • I just hear on television in the background â?If hashing were an olympic sport, the corvettes would be gold medal winnersâ? (true!). Why does a documentary on Swedish television rub us in that a bunch of stupid birds are much better at it than we are?

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